What Are Facebook Insights and How Can They Help Your Business Page?

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What Are Facebook Insights and How Can They Help Your Business Page?

It is no secret that creating a Facebook page is one of the best moves that you can make for your business. Whether you are selling a product or a service, having a solid social media presence is almost a requirement these days if you want to stay ahead of the competition. However, simply creating the page is not enough. You have to take advantage of the many different features and services that Facebook offers for business owners. One such feature is Facebook Insights, which can very well be your go-to resource for detailed information and analysis of how your page is performing.

Understanding Facebook Insights

Every business page on Facebook automatically has its own Facebook Insights. This is the place where the page owner can view detailed information about the performance of the Page. Facebook Insights shows data and analytics about each of your posts. It gives you information about your page visitors. It also shows you pages that are similar to yours so that you can analyze what your competitors are doing.

If you have just created a Facebook page for your business, you may have already noticed the link to the Insights section of your page. If you click it, the link will take you to the Overview page where you will see the highlights of your page’s performance.

Main Sections of Facebook Insights

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the many Facebook Insights elements and features. Here, we will give you a brief orientation of the main sections so that you will have a better idea of how you can use each section to boost your page performance.

Page Summary

This is where you can see all the primary information about your page, such as the number of likes, views, previews and followers. This is also where you can see the number of people reached by your posts, as well as post engagement. It also shows your level of responsiveness to your page visitors by displaying the response rate and the response time.

Recent Promotions

If you have published paid ads for your page, the performance of those ads will show up in this section. It will show how many people were reached by the ad, the number of views and other details.

Your 5 Most Recent Posts

It is obvious that this section provides information on the last five posts that you made on your page. This includes the date and time the post was published, the caption and the type of the post, as well as the usual data like reach and engagement.

The data in this section is good for keeping track of the effectiveness of your posts. You can see which kinds of posts get the most views and which ones are not very attractive to your viewers. There is also a Boost Post button next to each of your posts. This makes it easy for you to reach more people if you choose to spend a little money and boost the posts that show a really good performance.

Pages to Watch

By default, the pages that are most similar to your page will be included in the list of pages to watch. This section provides data about these pages that you can compare with your own page data. This way, you can learn from other pages by having an idea of which strategies bring positive results and which do not really work very well.

You can also use this section in a more targeted way. Since it actually allows you to identify particular pages that you want to watch, you can specify some of your closest competitors and essentially spy on what they are doing.

The information that you can see on the pages you are watching includes their total page likes, the number of posts that they have made in the current week, as well as the engagement also in the current week.


This section reveals useful information about the people that follow your page. Aside from the total number of followers, there are also detailed charts that show useful data. For instance, there is a chart that shows your page’s net followers. This takes into consideration the number of new followers and also the number of users who have unfollowed you in the past week.

Using Facebook Insights to Boost Your Business

So now that you know what Facebook Insights includes, it is easier to grasp how you can use it for improving your business. Here are some of the things you can do with this versatile tool.

Know Your Audience

The demographics data that you can access is quite detailed. It will let you know a lot about the visitors to your page such as their gender, age, location, and so on. It will also tell you the time and day when people go to your page. Furthermore, it can tell you how your visitors found you. The better you know your audience, the better you can target them with your future posts.

Improve Your Posts

Through Insights, you can clearly see which post types are performing better than others. For instance, photos may be generating more views than plain text so you might want to use these more often. Also, you can also avoid publishing the kinds of posts that lead to unfollows or unlikes.

Boost Posts

Facebook gives you the option to boost any post for a reasonable fee. It can be very lucrative to boost posts that are attracting a lot of likes and views. Of course, it would be wise to use all the data provided on your Insights page before deciding on which post to boost.

Facebook Page Insights versus Facebook Audience Insights

If you are new to Facebook pages, you can easily get lost in all the features available. For instance, a lot of users get confused between Page Insights and Audience Insights, which are indeed quite similar. However, these two analytics tools have very different functions. It would be to your advantage to learn about both of them as they are both very useful tools for your business.

As we have been discussing above, Facebook Page Insights pertains to the information and analysis of your page performance. Facebook Audience Insights, on the other hand, is specifically designed to analyze your audience. The purpose of the latter is to help you make more effective ads and more suitable content.

How to Make the Most of Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights offers you a wealth of information about practically anything that goes on with your business page. By itself, the information will not do anything for your business. You will have to figure out how to use this information, and decide on the next steps to take based on the analytics that Insights can give you. 

Also, it is absolutely necessary to keep checking your Insights on a regular basis. Just because you went through it once and took an effective course of action does not mean your business is safely on the road to success. Your audience and their needs and preferences are constantly changing. Thus, you need to keep up with these changes by monitoring your Facebook Insights and making necessary adjustments along the way.

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