How to Make Money with Google AdSense

How to Make Money with Google AdSense

If you have been spending quite a lot of time online like most of us are, then you are probably already familiar with Google AdSense. You may have also heard that it can be a very useful tool for making money. That is true and thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world can attest to the effectiveness of this platform.

Of course, as with everything else in the world, Google AdSense is not necessarily for everyone. In this blog, we will explain what it is and how it works, and then you can figure out for yourself if this would be a suitable venture for you or not.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one of the many online tools that are offered by Google. This popular platform lets bloggers, vloggers, writers or app developers display ads on their websites or apps in exchange for profits. Of course, they don’t get paid just because they add Google AdSense to their website. They will earn a certain amount for each time a user clicks, views or engages with their ad link.

The simplicity of the setup is one of the things that makes Google AdSense very attractive to people online. Although some of the members are online businesses that have commercial websites, a large percentage are actually ordinary individuals who just happen to have blogs that receive a decent amount of traffic.

Who are qualified to Make Money on Google AdSense?

As mentioned, anyone who has a website may have the chance to apply for Google AdSense. This includes writers that have their own blog, or video bloggers that regularly post video content, or even app developers. However, not everyone who applies will automatically start earning money. First, your application to signup for Google AdSense needs to be accepted.

The application process is fairly easy. You just need to enter all the information that they will ask for in the form. As soon as this is done, you will have to post your AdSense code into your website or blog. You can do this by using their provided widgets or plugins, or if you are tech-savvy, by coding it directly onto your site. Some website builders

How to Maximize Your Earnings

Some people mistakenly think that they will automatically start earning as soon as they have fully set up their Google AdSense account. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. On the contrary, you still need to do a lot of work before you can start to earn your first paycheck. Here are the most important things that you can do to boost your earning potential.

Optimize Your AdSense

If you log in to your AdSense account, you will see that it allows you to create ad units that you can add to your website or blog. It is a good idea to use a variety of units for the sake of diversity. You can place as many units as you want but you want to make sure that there is always far more content on your pages compared to ads. The goal is to get your visitors to click on the ads that you have chosen to post, not to turn your website into a giant classified ads page.

Google Auto Ads

For some people, they swear by Google auto ads, and they like to have Google choose the placements of the advertisements. For other people, they find them to be invasive and quite annoying as they can pop up anywhere throughout a website. Before you use Google Auto Ads, make sure they will benefit your business. Navigation of a website is very important for anyone and placing Google Auto Ads within a website may take away what you are offering to your customers. These ads are placed via Google after they scan your website content and find places that they can put them. They may appear as full-page ads, making it difficult for your user to navigate to the page they are seeking to review. Moreover, there are times they do not “look” right, in which they may stick an ad in an odd place within your website. Make sure and do your research on these ads before adding them to your website.

Have the Right Kind of Website

Certain types of websites perform better on AdSense than others. According to studies, the sites that deliver the best AdSense results are blog sites, news sites, online forums, social network niches and websites that give free online tools. Of course, other kinds of sites may also do well in AdSense, provided that they get a lot of traffic, both new and returning.

Linking to YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel that has a large viewership, linking it to Google AdSense might make you a considerable amount of money. Of course, you still need to go through the application process and you would have to acquire approval from both Google and YouTube. But if you pass the criteria, you can actually earn more than $1000 dollars every day without having to do anything other than what you are already doing, which is posting regular videos on YouTube. The more viewers you have, the more you can earn.

Pros and Cons of Using Google AdSense to Make Money

Google AdSense comes with a lot of advantages and there is no doubt that it can generate income for you if you use it properly. Some of the most obvious advantages are that it is free to join, it has an easy approval process, and it comes with a large selection of customizable ad options that will fit with the layout of your page. In fact, it is a very versatile platform that works very well to the advantage of its members. You can use it on mobile devices or on RSS feeds. AdSense also allows users to run ads on multiple websites even if they have only one AdSense account.

The payout is also quite hassle-free. Each month, if you meet the payout minimum of $100, Google will transfer your earnings directly to your account. With blogs and websites, you can actually use AdSense even if you have just created your blog or website. With YouTube, though, AdSense requires at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time before you can qualify.

As for the disadvantages, Google can be quite strict when it comes to rules. Please make sure you review their policies as there are certain rules regarding placement of advertisements, and ensuring you are not tricking users into clicking on their ads. If you violate any of their guidelines, you can be terminated right away so you have to be very careful. Furthermore, this tool is also completely reliant on traffic. If you stop getting traffic, you will stop earning as well. Therefore, if you wish to continue making money with Google AdSense, you should also keep on with your efforts to drive traffic into your pages.

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