How to use Twitter to Market your Business

How to use Twitter to Market your Business

Social media has since been a viable tool for business managers to market their brand to a wider audience. Of all the social media platforms, Twitter happens to be one of the most popular platforms. To put things into perspective, more than 7,000 tweets are sent per second, which goes to show just how busy the platform is. As great as this may be, you also have to understand that the average tweet has a very short lifecycle. The average lifecycle of a tweet is 18 minutes or less.

So as a business manager, if you want to market your business on Twitter, you need to be strategic with the way you do it. If your tweet is not lost in the crowd, Twitter is a great platform to market your business. In this article, we will show you some proven ways to perform effective twitter business marketing. The last thing we want is for you to expend resources on techniques that do not work.

Tips for marketing your business on Twitter

Here are some helpful tips to market your business on Twitter to increase traffic and drive sales through the roof.

Use Twitter Cards

Many business owners do not even know what a Twitter Card is, and they should know. Twitter cards are like social media advert boards. If you want your tweets to stand out, you need to adopt strategies that will make them stand out. There are seven different types of Twitter cards, so feel free to do your research and pick one that suits your online business profile. So, how does it work? Well, it is simple. When you set up your website with a Twitter card, and you send out a tweet, if others share your post, your image will appear in the tweets they send. Twitter cards make your tweets stick in the minds of those who see them since your image appears.

Build Followership

You can’t be successful on Twitter or any social media platform, for that matter, if you don’t have quite the followership. The more followers you have, the more visible your tweets, and by extension, your brand will be. Sending engaging tweets and connecting with like-minded people on the platform is a great way to start building a following. There are also tools you can use to compare and analyze user profiles. You can also analyze their bios and engage a targeted audience to attract followers to your platform and brand. You can read more about building your Twitter followers in our blog, How to Gain Followers on Twitter.

Engage influencers

Influencers are the movers and shakers of social media platforms. These are people who have quite the following and whose tweets generate quite the interest on Twitter. To grow your brand, find relevant influencers in your field and engage them. You can engage them by retweeting their tweets or quoting their tweets. You can use Google Adsense and relevant keywords to search for influencers in your area of specialization. Follow as many of them as possible and engage them as often as possible. This will make your brand visible.

Create Engaging Posts

To keep your audience engaged, you need to keep creating engaging posts. Avoid the temptation of posting a tweet that is not relevant to your brand. Tag many of your followers in your tweets and respond to their comments as often as possible. Develop a community growth strategy to create a community following around your Twitter handle.


You may benefit from devising a strategy of adding regular giveaways of your products or services to increase traffic and following. Everyone loves discounts or free items. Take a look and see if you would be able to afford giveaways once a month or once a week. Followers will be added so they can continue to find out more about different giveaways you are offering.

Regular monitoring

Understand that your official Twitter handle is not your personal handle, so every act has to be strategic. Monitor your audience and their reaction to your tweets. This way, you will know which of your tweets elicits the correct responses and those that do not. It will also help you interact with them properly and streamline your strategy to match your goals.

Use Twitter Analytics to Measure Results

Another way to monitor results effectively is to measure the analysis of your Twitter engagements. Doing so will help your business reach the right targets. To measure your Twitter results, go to Twitter analytics in the drop-down menu on your profile. On the dashboard, focus on the Vanity metrics such as follower account impression and the number of clicks each tweet receives. Twitter analytics lets you know the number of people who clicked your links and interacted with others using them. This tool will help you identify popular tweets that are more impactful.

Use an online publishing tool

If you use several other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others, it will take a lot of time and effort to create and publish content on all of them. To make the process simpler for you, there are online publishing tools you can use. These tools allow you to create and send out content on all your platforms from a single dashboard. These online publishing tools allow you to do more marketing on Twitter in less time and with a single click of a button. One great publishing tool is ContentCal.

Invest in Paid Ads

Learn to invest in paid ads. If you want your business to grow on Twitter, you should be willing to spend money on paid ads to increase your engagement reach. When you pay for ads, Twitter will promote your tweets to users who do not follow you. A promoted tweet will reach more people, and the more people it reaches, the more clicks, likes, and following your account will enjoy. Twitter ads can be activated in the user setting, and they are very effective. Ads are also great if you plan to promote different tweets for a single campaign. It makes your brand noticeable and increases conversion rates.


Marketing your business on Twitter requires patience, dedication, and a well-defined strategy. If you imbibe these tips itemized in this article, there is no way your brand won’t gain traction on Twitter. Investing in paid Twitter ads is another effective way to market your brand and engage more with a wider audience.

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